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Constant Pressure Water Systems


 New Construction or Replacement Systems


Donamarc attended all the manufacturer presentations on VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) systems for residential applications in the late 1990s when VFD was first being sold in the residential market.    We waited and watched for the constant pressure pumping systems to prove themselves out.   In the year 2006, we felt comfortable that the manufactures of the day were proven and had worked the bugs out.  That very year we sold 50 constant pressure pumping systems and have sold thousands since.    VFD constant pressure pumping systems have proven to be very reliable.   The transducers which electronically monitor the water pressure and provide the computerized control the real-time pressure readings have proven to have a much lower failure rate than traditional pressure switches.   The controllers can also regulate incoming voltage so we have less failure in areas where we have voltage problems.   VFD systems can operate in a wider range of electric voltage than traditional pumping systems.


The biggest benefit of the VFD pumping systems for homes is that we can design a higher gallon per minute system without having larger or multiple pressure tanks.   Our most common design system is a 15 gallon per minute system operating at a constant 70 psi pressure.    


Having great pressure while taking a shower is only going to be as good as the weakest link in the system.    The traditional pumping system goes down to 40 psi before the pump turns back on.  With the standard constant pressure setup, the pressure maintains 70 psi while someone is taking a shower, even if someone is running the washing machine and flushing the toilet.    My own experience was when I was in my 2nd floor shower, while two other showers were being ran in the house, the washing machine was running, the dishwasher was operating, and someone had flushed the toilet.   Throughout my whole time in the shower, I couldn’t even tell someone else was in the house.   That’s what I love about constant pressure pumping systems!


If you have a modular home and you simply want to take advantage of the smaller footprint for space savings, or you have high water use such as a multi-head shower or a lawn irrigation system, or you simply love to take showers with great pressure, you will love the constant pressure pumping system.


VFD can be a great application for new or for upgrades to existing systems.   VFD systems require a much smaller pressure tank sizing resulting in dollars saved along with reduction in required space.   Drawdowns can be designed into the controllers for energy savings.   Multiple drives can be programmed to communicate together for duplexing and or alternating multiple well pumps or booster systems.


Regulatory agencies like these types of systems because the drives will keep the pumps within efficient curves and provide excellent protection for longer runtimes without requiring multiple pressure tanks.  


Donamarc can work with EPA for regulatory approval on updating your water system to current day pumping system technology. 

Manufacturers We Support:

  • Grundfos  Including SQE Submersible Pump with CU301 Controller

  • Franklin Electric  - Including Subdrive Systems

  • Pentek – Including PID10, PID20, PID30, PID50 Models

  • Yaskawa – American manufacturer for higher performance pumping system

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